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Cuba Post Office

When the Embargo is lifted, we will take your email and print it out, put it in an envelope with postage and mail it within the Cuban postal service.

When this site is fully developed, our postal agents will be able to serve all your Cuban postal and package delivery needs. Ask about our Cuba courier service.

This site is not affiliated with any Cuban or US government agency or personnel.

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Types of Cuba Postal Services

Email to Cuban Postal Mail Service

Send us and email and we'll put it in the postal mail system for you in Cuba.

Cuban Postal Mail to Email Service

If you have friends or family in Cuba, they can bring letters to us, we will scan it and send you the pdf or type it up and send it to you by email. Your loved ones, business associates and other contacts in Cuba can also come into our studio and record a voice message for you and we will send it to you via a .wav file in an email.

Document Digitalization Service

We will scan any document and process it with our optical recognition software and "pull" the text off the document and produce an electronic version of the printed document. We can then send the digital document via email. Of course we can also save the printed document as a .pdf file and send it by email that way too.

Cuban Mailing Address and Post Office Boxes

Do you need a mailing address in Cuba? We can provide you with a street mailing address and sign for packages and deliveries for you or, if you need a post office box, we will get you set up with one.

Packing, Shipping and Delivery Services 

We can pack items for inter-island shipping, deliver them personally if necessary or handle customs for international shipping.

Of course none of these services are currently allowed in Cuba but we are preparing for a post-Castro post-Embargo Cuba and will be offering these valuable services as soon as permitted by law.  

Other Services

We expect to sell money orders, offer bulk mailing list services and brochure distribution services.

Please contact us if you think we can help with with a specific postal request.

If you have Cuba related legal matters, visit our Cuba Legal Services or Cuba City Hall if you are looking for city hall related documents like birth certificates, permits, political related information or public documents.

If you have questions, post to our Cuban Life Forum for information about living day to day in Cuba.


Cuba to overhaul postal service - From EFE | November 2011

Cuba's postal service will become a state-owned corporate group next year bent on modernizing its administraton and seeking greater efficiency and quality as part of President Raul Castro's effort to "modernize" the island's socialist economic model.

The official economy weekly Opciones said that Correos de Cuba "will shed the old megastructure that impedes its development and install more modern systems of management, the guarantee of efficiency and quality."

With some 13,600 employees, Correos handles such services as newspaper, mail and shipment deliveries as well as a list of other services including Social Security payments and credits.

Its new model as a corporate group will include 18 territorial subsidiaries and others specializing in courier services, currency exchange, insurance and "superior address organization."

Correos de Cuba's director of strategy, Raul Marcial Cortina, told the weekly that "decentralization" is one of the goals of restructuring, with each subsidiary organizing and directing its own services in its own territory.


Cuba to restructure postal service from sprawling state entity to decentralized business group - By Associated Press

Cuba is restructuring its rickety postal service to boost efficiency, decentralizing the monolithic entity in favor of a state-run business group made up of largely autonomous regional offices.

Empresa Correos de Cuba, which employs some 13,600 workers and operates more than 1,000 post offices, 16 processing facilities and 54 delivery centers, will be reshaped around the middle of next year into 18 regional and two national entities, according to this week’s edition of the government financial magazine Opciones.

The stripped-down structure will be followed by a gradual program of improved internal controls, modernized facilities and updated technology.

The nascent business group’s director for national strategy, Raul Marcial Cortina, said each regional entity will have leeway to adapt service to local needs.

“It was unthinkable that a business so big could be perfected. ... This will bring a positive impact on efficiency and benefits for the workers,” Marcial Cortina was quoted as saying.

Cuba and US to Resume Direct Mail Talks 

Talks aimed at resuming direct postal service between the United States and Cuba, which has been suspended for decades, are set to be held in mid-September in another sign of thawing U.S.-Cuba relations, Western diplomats said.

Officials from the U.S. State Department and U.S. Postal Service were expected to attend the discussions in Havana, the diplomats, who asked not to be named, said.

No further details were immediately available and there was no immediate confirmation from the Cuban government.

The talks are part of U.S. President Barack Obama's declared intention to "recast" relations with Communist-ruled Cuba, which for 47 years has been the target of a U.S. trade embargo.

In April, Obama lifted restrictions on travel and remittances sent to Cuba by Cuban Americans with relatives on the island and he has restarted talks on immigration that were suspended by the Bush administration in 2004.

Cuba agreed in late May to resume the immigration discussions and also to a U.S. request for talks on the postal service.

At present, mail between the two countries must go through a third country.

U.S. express mail service companies such as UPS and FedEx cannot operate in Cuba but German-owned carrier DHL can operate in Cuba.

Based on Reuters article

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